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How to Read a Scientific Paper


An online citation and bibliography creation tool. Be sure to double check your citations for correct APA or MLA style. NEED HELP? See a writing tutor. 

For security reasons, we recommend that you use the EasyBib link on this page and the Coupon Code below rather than going directly to

  • You must use the coupon code to get free APA format. If you are asked to pay for an upgrade to get APA, just add the coupon code to your account. (On the upper right use the drop-down menu under "Hi [your name]" and choose Settings.)


APA Style

APA Style was developed by the American Psychological Association and is used by the science, computer, and nursing departments at MWCC. Check out APA RESEARCH PAPER BASICS on Hoonuit (look for the Hoonuit link on iConnect).

Suggested Databases

Searching Library Databases

What is a Scholarly Article?

Peer Review in Three Minutes

What Do I Need to Cite?

Credo Reference: SCIENCE

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Start your scientific research with dictionaries of specialized terminology, overviews of contemporary and historical scientific research, and biographies of prominent scientists.

Ask a MWCC Librarian

Careers in Environmental Chemistry


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