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Tutoring: Message to Faculty

What You Need to Know about Tutoring

Without the support of MWCC faculty, the Academic Support Center would not be able to serve students as well as we do. We rely on faculty to provide a number of key services:

  • recommend qualified peer tutors
  • announce our services to classes
  • bring classes to our center for a tour
  • arrange for someone from the center to visit classes

Hearing about the Academic Support Center from an instructor encourages students to explore the resources available to them. On the right is a sample paragraph about the Academic Support Center that you could include on your syllabus.

Because so many students have benefited from our tutoring program, we feel even more committed to getting the word out to them about our services. With your help, we are sure to reach more students in the future.

Thank you!

Tutoring Information for Your Syllabus

Many students find that college coursework provides new academic challenges. Students who wish to deepen their understanding of course concepts, enhance their skills, and improve their performance in this course are encouraged to use the free tutoring and other support services available in the Academic Support Center. Math and Writing tutors are available on a walk-in basis. Tutoring in other subjects is also available. If you have any questions about tutoring, stop by the Academic Support Center in the library at the Gardner campus, or call 978-630-9333.


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